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Reviews For Local Roofing Services

Rogers, AR and the surrounding NWA region

Comments From Our Customers

We are a quality oriented company and focus on providing top-quality customer service with exceptional roof repairs and roof installations.
We do not compromise or cut corners and our high standards allow us to provide a transferable 10-year workmanship warranty. This is in addition to the manufacturer's warranty. Contact us for a FREE estimate and let us know how we can earn your business.
JUSTIN rocks! Good Job! Worked with our schedule and got the job done. The roof looks amazing. We moved into a 1971-built home and the roof was in bad shape. Of the four contractors from whom we got bids, Justin and Weather Proofing Experts was the only one who was willing to go the extra mile by pointing out the problem with the roof/drainage at the back door. It was pretty obvious once he pointed it out, but none of the other companies said anything about it. That says QUALITY to me. Pride in their work and experience coupled with knowledge. The job went off without a hitch. The gutters were installed by a different crew and they did a good job too. I've already recommended Weather Proofing Experts to a couple of friends who will have a need for their services and will most definitely call on them again! There's a lot to be said for being able to trust a company when the dollar amount is large. Thanks to Justin B. and to the crew. 
C. Daniels 2/16
West Fork, AR

Justin contacted me within about 24 hours of my outreach to their company. He came out and looked over what I needed fixed and had a quote within two days. His team was prompt and professional. Even when they found additional issues, they called and talked me through it and we made the repair plan and the cost did not go up significantly. Justin explained the repair process in great detail and they stuck to it, so no surprises when the invoice came! I really appreciated their willingness to do what is probably a "small" job in comparison to what they usually do. I had two other contractors not even send a quote after talking them through my repairs, they just never got back to me (rude!). I will definitely use them again as my house was built in 1941 and needs frequent upkeep. The repaired my front soffit/fascia area of my front porch and back of the house, re-shingled an area built onto the original structure that had a slight grade so it needed a membrane to waterproof, as well as put a flashing cap on my chimney that prevents leakage and the native stone from absorbing moisture.
J. Gates 4/16
Fayetteville, AR

I had a leak. Water was coming in my home in 2 places. NO BODY COULD FIND IT, AND MANY TRIED. Brandon came out. I honestly think he was excited that my house was something of a challenge. He got up there and looked around removed some siding, put it back and came down with a plan to weather proof my home. He then scheduled a day and time. 9am. His whole posse was there at.....8:59am. They set to work pulling the siding replacing the tyvek on the entire second floor of my house, also they replaced the flashing with soldered flashing.
​ They were meticulous in the way they installed each piece. They finished in one day. 2 years later we had another leak I called them. Brandon came out. He wasn't defensive or irritated he found the problem in a soffit that was not part of the original repair, but he fixed it himself anyway at no cost. I am still in shock over that. Great people that stand solidly behind the service they provide. I would recommend weather proofing experts to anyone.
​​A. Woody 4/15
Elkins, AR

 My roof had small leaks in three separate places. After an electric company energy audit, I wasn’t sure I had insulation in the tray sections of all of my ceilings – it glowed red in the thermal pictures. A hail storm destroyed my roofing and I needed a roofing company that did more than just replace a roof. I went to Angie’s List and read reviews for more than two hours. I selected two companies that had the best reviews. Brandon of Weather Proofing Experts agreed to meet the insurance adjuster at my house while I was at work. The next day I met Brandon and got a thorough estimate of the damages to my house and separate garage. It looked like everything was covered but I needed to show him my leak concerns. I did not have to worry. Without stepping inside my home, he knew my concerns without me telling him AND he flipped over to his handwritten notes and there it was: roof has two dead valleys that need to be altered to push the water forward and also there is no soldered flashing to protect that area. Put a check mark beside two of my leaks. The second leak was around a pipe boot that we had attempted to get another roofer to repair with no good result. Brandon could take care of it. But he did more. He put a different cap on my dryer vent to prevent lint build up and a future fire. He made sure that my guttering drained and changed the drainage configuration to one that would not add to possible leaks on my roof valleys and I now have flashings that I should have had with the construction of the house. Finally he moved the turbines on my roof to the proper location to vent my attic better. Four turbines – two at the highest ridge and two at two lower ridges became three turbines on the highest ridge. I did not know that the highest turbines would pull from the closest openings to them. The closest openings happened to be the two lower turbines so I was really getting little to no circulation/venting of the attic air space. No wonder thermal pictures glowed red at the outer perimeter that really was insulated because Brandon had his crews take off decking and he took pictures to show me that insulation was there – at no cost to me and I was willing to pay to have insulation put in there! I went with a solar hide to reflect more heat and with the turbines in the right place I have a much more energy efficient roof. Brandon even made sure that every downspout was bird proofed. The crews were very careful with my flower beds and at the end of each day I could not even tell they had been there. Brandon was easy to work with and looked out for my welfare. The second company that gave me an estimate was a well recommended company and their dollar estimate was almost exactly the same as the Experts with one exception. They did not mention dead spots, soldered flashing, gutters with downspouts in the wrong place or turbines that were turning and doing little else for my home. Long story shortened – I hired Weather Proofing Experts to replace my roof and they did not just replace it. I got a better roof. This was the best experience I have had with
tradesmen in NWA. Weather Proofing Experts really are experts with integrity and that is worth a lot.
C. Gray 9/15
​Lowell, AR

Determined cause of water leak related to chimney insert, cap and surrounding structure. Provided photos and detailed verbal explanation of cause and proposed solution. Provided specific details in written agreement with fixed price. Removed and replaced chimney framework, covered with Tyvek, and installed new manufactured stone. Removed poorly made chimney cap and replaced with soldered cap in place of original caulked cap. 
​ All work performed with high quality. Brandon (owner) kept me well-informed as the project progressed. His employees were very professional both in their work and interaction with me during the job. The worksite was completely cleared of all debris at the end of each day. I could not be more pleased with all aspects of working with Brandon from the initial visit to job completion. Brandon truly understands weather-proofing and the proper way to solve water-leak problems.
L. Markel 10/14
Rogers, AR

Repair of large main house, guest house and separate garage as well as other damage on the property resulting from a severe hail storm. Repairs included replacement of all roofs, garage doors, gutter covers, skylights and exterior light fixtures. Approx. $60,000
Contractor met multiple times with insurance company adjustors to assure all damage was identified. Contractor followed up by telephone with insurance claims office to answer relevant questions. He engaged the shingle supplier to determine that damaged shingles were of 50-year quality compared to adjustor's report of 30-year quality resulting in a $9,000 increase in insurance reimbursement.
Contractor identified opportunities for improvements not covered by insurance, and thoroughly explained cost/benefit. Owner approved suggested improvement in shingle underlayment and roof ventilation. 
This was a large job covering a range of trades, and multiple weeks of work. Quality of workmanship, including supervision by the contractor, was excellent.
L. Markel 7/15
Rogers, AR

We had multiple leakage points in the metal roof hat had been installed on our house by others 20 years ago. Brandon Favano of Weather Proofing Experts analyzed the situation and quoted a firm price to remove the roof to the decking, correct the problems created by the original installers, then re-install the original metal with proper underlayment and proper flashings on all openings. His crew also installed ridge vents and soffit vents and new guttering all around the house.  
​ Start to finish, the crew performed the work in professional manner and we are very pleased with the cost and especially the quality. We were especially glad for the attention to details that we wouldn't have known to ask for, such as all soldered flashings and an improved type of screws that perform much better over long times. The finish work on fascia and gable ends was better than we had expected. The same company had worked for us last year, reconditioning a foam/acrylic roof on a small office building. We were very pleased with that job as well. We recommend Weather Proofing Experts as being very good at analyzing a problem and extra good to work with to solve that problem.
J. Carson​ 2/15
Fayetteville, AR

They installed all new new roof, gutters and gutter guards. They corrected issues with the venting and repaired soffit and siding damage. We are very pleased with the work and it was nice to just deal with one company that took care of all that was needed. Brandon is very professional, checks up on his workers and makes sure everything is done to very high standards.
A. Rossetti 4/15
Fayetteville, AR

These guys are great. Where no one else could find the leak problem in my roof, they did right away without even having to get on the roof. They replaced the flashing, rotted wood, fixed my stucco, installed electric roof vents, etc. Very impressive, prompt, efficient and easy to do business with. Referred them to another customer and same results with them.
M. Limoine 9/14
Bella Vista, AR

Repaired roof leak that other's would not/could not repair. Brandon had a plan which his guys executed very professionally. No problem with leak since they completed repairs. At first I thought their price was a little high until I saw the man hours and material quality that they put into the project. Would definitely recommend them for any roofing work-new or repair. Brandon was a pleasure to work with. 
​J. Richardson 11/14
Fayetteville, AR

Brandon Favano and his crew were amazing! Professional, courteous and compassionate to the stress for us as homeowner's having to undergo a project of this scale and expense, to correct an ongoing issue. I had many questions during the construction process which were addressed promptly and politely by Brandon. The crew cleaned up the work area's each day and were very respectful of the home surroundings and us. This is the company we should have hired the first time!
​Removed existing rock, brick and siding from 2 exterior walls on front of house. Removed existing windows on front of house, and re-installed to correct flashing. Installed Tyvek and soldered flashings where needed to correct leak issues. New and existing rock installed to match the existing look and design. At request of homeowners, brick was removed from a portion of the back of house, door removed, Tyvek and new window installed and existing brick re-installed to match look and design of other windows on back of house.
D. Marshall 12/14
Bentonville, AR

Re-roofed front roof, including underlayment on back side which has 2 valleys, soldered flashings and kickouts, tyvek on wall facing back of roof, windows flashed; new gutters on front roof, and white painted aluminum fashioned and installed on upper fascia boards on second story.
Very well. Brandon was knowledgeable about what we needed to solve leaking problem as well as excessive heat in attic of front roof. Responded promptly and gave estimate that was the final price. Was a little delay in starting job, but that was due to bad weather. Once started, things were done efficiently and professionally. Things cleaned up well. I also liked that they could do all 3 of the things we wanted--re-roof, gutters, and metal covering of fascia boards.
L. Kline 12/14
Fayetteville, AR

Removed aluminum siding in a peak on the house and replaced with stone. They were on time, under budget and did excellent work. I'm having them come back in a few weeks to replace two skylights.​
T. Kristoffersen 9/14
Fayetteville, AR

Weather Proofing Experts provided THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE we have ever experienced!!!!
Not only did they perform an excellent and professional job, but the follow-up WAS AMAZING!!!!
The owner of the company, Brandon, physically followed up each day after his crew worked on our home, making sure they did a perfect job and inspecting the work himself.
This was not just a cursory glance over of the work either. Each time Brandon came out he would pull out his fine-toothed comb to make sure every single tiny hole and crack were filled and closed up. In fact, quite often, if he found any tiny holes that were missed, he would go grab a tube of caulk and fix it on the spot!
We had two goals:
  1. Seal up our brick home to save on our heating and air conditioning costs, and
  2. Seal up our home to keep the critters and bugs out of our house.
The results?
Along with a number of other energy-saving steps we have taken, our August electric bill has been reduced from $10 a day to $5 a day!
Plus, the number of spiders and other bugs has dropped dramatically to the point where it's simply unusual to see insects in the home anymore.
Brandon and the Weather Proofing Experts did a phenomenal job!
If there was a score higher than an "A" we would be giving it to Weather Proofing Experts!!!!!
​A. Hale 9/14
Springdale, AR

Weather Proofing Expertss had fixed a leak due how the stone was originally laid on the front of my house about one year ago. The company was very professional, explained all elements completely, and was willing to discuss any thoughts I had and walk through each step of the work. I am a very compulsive person who expects work to be done correctly and done that way the first time. I typically watch all work being done around my house start to finish. However, in this case, After watching some of the work being done, IE tear down on the stone, complete waterproofing / matting, then replacement of stone, I had no need to watch any of the work futher. Weather Proofing Experts is without a doubt, one of the most detailed oriented companies I have worked with. The owner, Brandon, always contacted me timely in response (rarity for someone in this field I have found). Also, he either kept every appointment on time or called me well in advance to explain if he could not make it at that time to set up another (another rarity for someone in this field I have found).

Weather Proofing Experts did such a fantastic job on my initial project above, I contacted them again to help design and build an outdoor kitchen on my back porch with stone that matches the front of my house. Weather Proofing Experts once again showed amazing attention to detail throughout both the design and building phase. Brandon brought ideas to help make the design even better. He was able to layout and measure all framing precisely and then insure all roof, drainage, guttering, and block layout was laid with perfection. He also brought a very professional stone mason to complete the project. Once again the attention to detail and desire to complete the project correctly was very impressive. Weather Proofing Experts does not improvise or try to "make do", but they continue to work until the project is done correctly.
C. Harden​ 9/14
Bentonville, AR

Everything went very smoothly and just exactly how Brandon said it would. Brandon was on the job site most of the time supervising the crew, checking with me about any concerns or details, or swinging a hammer with the guys to finish up a long day. All of the crew were very clean cut and polite. They cleaned up the job site every night including sweeping and blowing off all dust and dirt. This is the kind of contractor you want to deal with, someone who knows how it is done and has a crew that works for him and knows what they are doing. Not the kind that just wants to sell you a job and then hire a random crew to do it. The honesty and knowledge of Brandon Favano is refreshing and I can wholeheartedly recommend him for roofing, waterproofing and associated construction. We now have a beautiful and functional front porch.
V. Ivey 8/14
Fayetteville, AR
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